Max was my entry into the ToyBoxJam 2019, a game jam hosted by id software co-founder Tom Hall. It won 1st place in the category "Most Novel Idea" which is quite the honor. It was my first participation in a game jam, and definitely among the most stressfull two weeks of my life. The premise of the ToyBoxJam is, the jam-gods (delish!) provide every participant with the same set of assets – a toy box – to make their game. They also came up with a background story for the jam, "The Case of the Disappearing Developer" called Max, who had created all the assets. Somewhere inside the toy box was a mystery waiting to be solved. What had happened to Max? Well, short on being able to figure it out, I came up with the idea of making this the central theme of my game.

You can find out what happened to Max over on my page.

Disclaimer: If you couldn't tell from the gifs, the game is very pico-meta.